If you were on a special forces training navgation excercise in the woods and you cant cross a road so you go thru a lake would you stop and dry your clothes out or would you just keep moving?

Answer That would be dependent on a number of factors. If I were carrying extra clothing, I'd probably change, provided I had enough time allotted to do this. If it were particularly cold, I certainly wou... Read More »

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What is special forces training?

Special forces training is a rigorous programming of armed forces courses across the United States. Candidates for special forces positions will receive specific training in unconventional warfare ... Read More »

How is it like in special forces training?

Depending on what special force you want to join, the training will always be very different because they all specialize in different ways of fighting. Keep in mind that any special force will all... Read More »

How long is special forces training?

Army Special Forces Training consists of series of schools and courses. All special forces candidates must complete Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training, Army Airborne School, Specia... Read More »

Chinese Special Forces Training?

China has approximately 8,000 special operations forces. The teams of soldiers are assigned to seven military districts within the country. The names of the teams are the Divine Sword, Flying Drag... Read More »