If you were my coworker, would you be happy with some homemade cookies and a card?

Answer I think it would be great if my coworkers brought me cookies :) It shows that even though you don't have a lot of money to spend, you were willing to take the time out of your day to make somethin... Read More »

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How to Stop a Coworker Putting Down Another Coworker?

It can be very demoralizing listening to a coworker who constantly belittles another coworker. While you could keep sitting on the sidelines and pretending to "not take sides", there is always the ... Read More »

How to Sell Homemade Cookies?

Whether you just need fast cash, or love baking, selling homemade cookies is the way to go!

How to Keep Homemade Cookies Soft?

Cookies are delicious, especially when they're warm, soft, and chewy. Those are the best qualities you want in a cookie. But when they become hard enough to break your tooth, that's when you hardly... Read More »

How long do homemade cookies last?

Cookies are easily stored and baked at home, but only last a certain amount of time before they go stale or bad. Homemade cookies should be sealed in plastic or foil, and kept at room temperature ... Read More »