Where can I find Hogwarts (harry potter) pictures?


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Instructions for How to Play the "Hall of Hogwarts" Harry Potter Game?

Harry Potter's "Halls of Hogwarts Game" has players traveling the halls until they visit all of their classes in the order they appear on their class schedule. The first one to do so and get back t... Read More »

Which famous boy would u choose to be the next harry potter?

There will be no next Harry potter. Even if they started a film I would choose the same Daniel Radcliffe.

Which public store would give me good money for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Blu-ray 3D?

Best Buy will only give you $5.00. There are not many store that will purchase a used movie. Specially when you can rent the movie online or machine for around $1.00. Hope this will help you out.

HARRY POTTER FANS: If you had a pensieve, what memories would be in there that you would constantly jump into?

This is actually a really difficult question. I think the youngest one would be when I wrote my younger sisters name on the wall with crayon. She used to do the Z in her name backwards so I did tha... Read More »