If you were building a new PC tommorow......?

Answer I would buy the best motherboard I could find and then get the processor that fits within my budget. As tech progresses the better processors will come down in price and in a year or so you can aff... Read More »

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What building materials were used to make Burj Al Arab?

Burj Al Arab, an enormous hotel in Dubai standing 1,053 feet tall, was designed to look like a billowing sail. The main structure was constructed with concrete and a reinforced steel frame. The out... Read More »

If we were building a junk house what material could you come up with?

Tires. stack them up and fill them with dirt. Also, old deck lumber.

What kind of precious metals were used in building Solomon's Temple?

Solomon's Temple was known as the "First Temple" of Jerusalem. The interior of this structure, including the floor, was covered in gold. Other precious metals used to build Solomon's Temple include... Read More »

Party tommorow Answer!!?

Approach when he first shows up and talk to him a little and maybe flirt a little, then give him time to mingle. Do not smother him. Let him enjoy the party too.....flirt a little and if he is inte... Read More »