Which team are u on Edward, Jacob, or team anti-twilight?

Answer Well gee, the name I go by includes "Van Helsing", so I would say that makes me RABIDLY AGAINST THAT EVIL SATANIC JOKE THAT SOME WORTHLESS ****** WHORES MIGHT CALL LITERATURE!!! I AM ANTI-TWILIGHT ... Read More »

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Does Bella become a vampire in the Twilight series?

In Stephenie Meyer's "Breaking Dawn," the final installment of "The Twilight Saga," the heroine Bella Swan becomes a vampire. The transformation happens through an unexpected twist after her marria... Read More »

The fashion industry is can be really tough. Who would you have chosen if you were a judge?

blah..wouldn't be a judge. don't care too much about that aspect of life. :)

This is for fans of Twilight, if Edward had a twin brother what would his name be?

Robert!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Get it, Robert??? I kill me. Whatever. Okay okay...Hulio.

If John and Edward were to somehow win the X-Factor, would you be buying their songs?

Never in a million years. They are only staying in because they've got the whole of Ireland voting for them and the English, Scottish and Welsh votes are split between all the other contestants. As... Read More »