If you were an early childhood education student in placement and....?

Answer My guess would be that what she means is that she would like for you to model yourself after her. Is she expecting you to fully run the classroom? Is this a field placement or student teaching? ... Read More »

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Can you teach in an Early Head Start with an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education?

Hi there,I currently work as an Education Coordinator for a Head Start agency. The previous responses are correct in that state child care regulations require different levels of education for pro... Read More »

Why is early childhood education important?

The primary reasons given for the rush to institutionalize children in school settings are numerous: early start on academic skills, socialization, the chance for learning, vision, hearing, and oth... Read More »

What is ABD in early childhood education?

The acronym ABD stands for “All But Dissertation,” and refers to a doctoral candidate who has completed all formal coursework related to the degree, but has not yet completed a dissertation. Th... Read More »

Early Childhood Education Workshops?

Early childhood educators are specialized teachers who work with children under the age of eight in schools, preschools, early education centers, day care centers, child care settings and other sim... Read More »