If you were to fly an unidentified aircraft over the ocean and you came into contact with a military vessel what type would it be why would they be there and what are the protocols?

Answer An unidentified aircraft has the right to fly over international airspace and the ocean (which is also international). The naval vessel (military vessel) has that same right.The naval vessel could ... Read More »

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How to Transform Dna Into E.Coli?

Transforming a plasmid into E. coli is an important technique in molecular biology. It is used for cloning a plasmid of interest that one may wish to add to other organisms. It can also be used for... Read More »

If you were turned into the opposite sex for a day, how would you spend it?

To be honest, i'd do a lot of looking in the mirror, and i'd try masturbating.I'd also go play soccor or something to see how different it is with a male body.1 - nope. none. :(2- http://www.youtub... Read More »

I have a 300 page hardcopy that I need to scan, edit and then transform into pdf for publishing. What do I do?

you yell THIS IS SPARTA! and then kick your teacher down a hole.

How to Transform a Bag of Chips Into a Brooch?

Are you unusual and want to stand out? Do you want to have something no one else has? You're in luck, because this article has the directions on how to turn a fat bag of chips into a miniature broo... Read More »