If you were a remote where would you hide?

Answer In the fridge...once grabbed a beer and left the thing on the shelf in the sides of the seat cushions of the couch

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If you were to get a TATOO what would you get where would you get it?

butterfly on my ankle ( I have it already though) :)

I lost my remote for the TV, where would the possible places be?

You took it with you when you answered the phone.

Where would I get instructions for a general electric universal remote?

You could look in the trashcan where you threw away the instructions and the plastic.

Moms and/or Dads....If you were my car keys, where would you be?

It's aggravating when this happens.... They're always in the last place you look. : ) Looks like it's time for an impromptu Spring cleaning (you have my sympathy).Hmm.... Try checking in...- the ... Read More »