If you were a donut, what would you be filled with?

Answer bavarian cream. or the real jelly that is always in jelly-donuts that is red. is it raspberry?

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Should I celebrate my 6.6 A1c with a cream filled donut or a banana split?

Syd,Smiling at you girl! Congrats on the A1C! Fabulous!!My answer is, neither.Instead please allow me to offer an absolutely heavenly alternative:This is a Chocolate Pie Recipe I go to when I want ... Read More »

Jelly Donut Bavarian Creme Donut Or Glazed Donut Which do you like better?

If I plant a donut in the ground, will a donut tree grow from where I planted it?

What is the difference between Oil-filled vs water-filled space heaters?

Answer I am assuming you mean an enclosed heater. Oil stay hot longer & does not rust.