If you went on a camping trip by yourself what might you spend the weekend doing?

Answer for family fued: fishing, sleeping, reading, hiking, relaxing, hunting, eating It really depends on where you are going but some cool things would be bike riding, swimming, fishing, hiking, roastin... Read More »

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How to Prepare for Weekend Camping Trip?

Preparing for a weekend camping trip can be more challenging than packing for a long-term outdoor vacation. The trick is to pack just the right amount of food and gear that you'll need for a few da... Read More »

What do you need for a camping trip?

The list of items you need for a camping trip depends to a large extent on the type of camping you plan to do. Car campers can transport a lot more gear than backcountry campers who carry everythin... Read More »

How to Spend Your Weekend?

Are you bored every weekend, not knowing what to do? Just lying on the couch like a dead bug? Here are some ideas to get you inspired!

What food should you take on a camping trip?

It's important to fuel your body well when you go camping. Depending on the kind of setup you have and how long you'll be gone, you can choose nutritious, sustaining foods to bring with you.Conside... Read More »