If you wear only one shade of eyeshadow, would it look weird?

Answer Probably not, your eyes just won't look as dramatic or noticeable, but not bad. Maybe if it's a bright color it won't look as good, but it still probably won't look bad. Here's a picture (scroll to... Read More »

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Is it weird to wear glitter eyeliner/eyeshadow?

I love glitter and i am in high school. I dont go all out with a glitter liquid liner though. I wear a NYC glitter eyeliner pencil in black. I absolutely love it. It isnt crazy glitter, but its eno... Read More »

How to Choose The Right Eyeshadow Shade for Grey Eyes?

Gray eyes are unusual, and the best way to enhance them is with the right eyeshadow shade. Eyeshadow should be chosen to make your eyes stand out and not chosen based on the color of your outfit. B... Read More »

How do i convince my mom to let me wear eyeshadow?

Wait until you go to KMart, Target, CVS, Walmart, etc. If you walk past an extremely natural looking eyeshadow that is skin-tone, ask her if you can get it. I started wearing skin-tone eyeshadows ... Read More »

How to Wear Purple Eyeshadow?

The '80s have come and gone and many women have sworn off purple eyeshadow for life. However, it may be time to reconsider. While many people think of evil Disney characters, such as Ursula from "T... Read More »