If you wear only one shade of eyeshadow, would it look weird?

Answer Probably not, your eyes just won't look as dramatic or noticeable, but not bad. Maybe if it's a bright color it won't look as good, but it still probably won't look bad. Here's a picture (scroll to... Read More »

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Cani wear this or would it look weird?

It depends what colour the toms are. I think the outfit itself look's great, if the toms where white or blue, then yeah I think it suits :)

Is it weird to wear glitter eyeliner/eyeshadow?

I love glitter and i am in high school. I dont go all out with a glitter liquid liner though. I wear a NYC glitter eyeliner pencil in black. I absolutely love it. It isnt crazy glitter, but its eno... Read More »

Does it look silly when you wear eyeshadow but no foundation?

It doesn't look silly I do the same thing. I'll occasionally wear a bit of concealer but not often

What color eyeshadow would look good on me!!!?