If you want to type a letter that you want to print, where do you go to do this?

Answer Use ms word or ms works. You could even try typing it out in your email program then just print instead of emailing.'

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How do most people get famousi want 2 be an actor how will that happen i want 2 try out for a role where do i go?

You mean the series finale. I think anyone who doesn't drink, smoke or swear.

If you want to print an article that is in a browser window how do I know how many pages will print?

When you click or choose the print button or option you are showna box where you can change options for the print job.One of those will be to select the pages to print. The default is to print all ... Read More »

I want to print custom pictures on felt. Is there a printer that can do that?

The best option is buying Decal paper or thermal tranfer paper. Print it from any printer and then transfer it on the surface you need.

What type of nurse should you be if you want to care for mothers before and after birth and new borns as well but you dont want to actually deliver them?

It's not the nurses that deliver babies. The midwifes and doctors do that. So you could be a nurse specialized in infants. Don't know what it's called where you are.