If you walked into Sephora with $60, what would you buy?

Answer if i were you i would buy the little sets, benefit has tons of little sets for like 10 bucks and usually comes with 3 or more little sizes to test out, its a great way to try stuff from their line ... Read More »

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I walked into a table. What do I do?

Sadly there isent much now you can do to stop the bruising, at the time a bag of ice would have help reduce swelling, sadly you will have to deal with the pain. general pain killers may help also.s... Read More »

Ladies,if i walked up and i asked if i could take a pic of you,would that be ok,or would you think it strange?

No way - that's bordering on perversion! If you like the look of her, get chatting and ask her out. I have visions of you with an an array of photographs of women adorning your sweaty little room... Read More »

What would you do if you had walked away from debt....?

I would look in the phone book for some agency which first of all gives financial advise concerning bankruptcy... regulations and rules. The employees can direct you specificially so you know what ... Read More »

My friend was having sex with his daughter and his wife walked into the room and caught them and he told her that she was not meant to find out that this was going on for five years.?

Your friend has committed incest which is against the law. Of course he didn't want his wife to find out because he is not a man, but a predator and he knows what he is doing is not right. His wife... Read More »