If you un-friend someone on Facebook, do they know ?

Answer They Wont Get a Notifcation but they Will Know if they Visit your Facebook and See That the add as a Friend Button Appears

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If you add someone as a "close" friend on facebook do they know?

No they do not know unless you tell them or they see. Or they can assume if you like every single one of their posts, unless it's actually your close friend

How can I know if someone selects me as 'close friend' on facebook?

the only way would be to ask them if they did

How do you know if someone ignored ur friend request on Facebook?

How to know if someone did not accepted your friend request on Facebook?

go back to the person's profile and if it says "add as friend" again, that means they declined itif it still says "request sent" that means they havent accepted or declined it yet (and they might n... Read More »