If you type "google" into google.......does the internet break?

Answer No, its cool now. Google installed a new paradox stabilizer system, basically it prevents holes in the spacetime continuum created when google is typed into google. I hear Yahoo is installing it ... Read More »

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Did you know that if you type google into google you can break the internet?

I dont wanna try it.But GOOGLE is smart enough. it cannot break things.Do you think Google doesnt have any test engineers to try out different searches?Google infact does some amazing things on int... Read More »

Is it true that if u google "google" you can break the internet?

Thanx for that, you made me laugh today :)

If you Google the word "Google", does it really break the Internet?

A flurry of people googling nothing happened.Are you from the IT crowd you have almost paraphrased the same line from it?

If I type "Google" into Google, will my computer explode?