If you type Hip hop masterB on youtube?

Answer You mean this:…I don't know but that's just sick and you really shouldn't be asking these kind of questions.EDIT: The video was just deleted a few hours ag... Read More »

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Good youtube name for a certain type of channel?

In my opinion The Dark Knight Rises was the best movie ever!So maybe your username could be "BrittanyRises"? Just a thought. (:

Whats your favourite type of YouTube videos?…………

What type of girly videos should I make on YouTube?

Hi I'm a 14 year old guy with a gaming channel (JmashTV) and I tell people I know about my channel all the time. If people on the internet watch you why shouldn't your friends?

What type of videos should I upload to YouTube (Gaming)?

there are too many CoD channels, same for Mcraft, you must have something unique, because otherwise there are thousands of channels standing in a line for views with yours being the last one, i wou... Read More »