If you took 17 migraine pills what would happen Death?

Answer Sorry we don't have enough information to answer your question without getting the name of the drug, and the dose. I'm just gonna take a guess and assume she was on a triptan which is a pretty comm... Read More »

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What would happen if a man took Midol?

Bill Cosby says its the best toothache medicine a man can take.

What would happen if I took more paracetamol?

You must wait for 4 hours before you take more paracetamol. If you overdose then it can affect your kidneys.............

What would happen if you took an expired naproxen?

Depending on how expired it was, it may not work 100% but it may still give you enough relief so you can get to a doctor.

Would would happen to a person if they took pain killers without needing them?