If you throw up after you drink?

Answer some of it has already entered your system.alcohol goes into the blood stream fast.

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I have a FLU and I throw up everything I eat or drink.. what can I eat or drink?

Things that have worked for me in the past: goldfish crackers & Coca Cola consumed very slowly. Then if you can keep that down for a while, potato soup helps.

I throw up everytime i drink water?

What should you eat or drink after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled if you haven't had anything to eat or drink in almost 24 hours?

Answer Well, within the first 24 hours, while you are packing the sides of your face with ice, it doesn't hurt to have a milkshake or soft serve ice cream, but you MUST eat with a spoon, do NOT use... Read More »

How to Throw a Party With Cuban Food and Drink?

Cuban parties are some of the best. Food is a big part of this parties, especially parties that aren't American.