If you tape over something is there a way to restore the lost footage?

Answer Uh oh. Is someone hiding some evidence?

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Would it be alright to restore a cassette tape by placing scotch tape in between?

Yeah, you can do that. I used to have a government job working with those large tape reels, and we were taught to splice the tape that way. Just line up both sides of the tape, cut it at a 45 deg... Read More »

How do i get footage from my MiniDV tape onto my PC?

Video Editing Process **CAPTURE / IMPORT video stream from vcam & video files from pc folders, EDIT to make the movie as a project, FINISH (render / save) movie in the desired video file form... Read More »

How can I transfer Digital Cassette Tape film footage to the computer to Edit?

What video editor are you using?What computer are you using?The Canon GL2 is a great miniDV based, prosumer grade, camcorder.Connect the camcorder's DV port (not USB) to the computer's firewire por... Read More »

RESTORE DISCS For eMACHINES. I bought an e-Machines model e420 about 4.5 years ago and lost my restore discs.?

hi charlie as allready mentioned you cannot download restore disks as they are in essence windows xp disks however since each restore disk(also known as recovery disks) is uniquely manu... Read More »