If you take an old computer and redo it to a new one with new hard drives what would be a going price for it?

Answer Mary, My son and I built 2 computers, about 5 years ago. Thefirst one was from a computer store, where you could new orrepaired parts. Cost 722.00. My son really liked it, so help me build one and ... Read More »

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What is a good price for various external hard drives?

about 100 - 120 bucksI would go with western digital...1 terabyte is only a few bucks more than a 250 or a 500.. why not go for the big one?never hurts to have too much, but when you dont have eno... Read More »

Taking price into consideration, which of these external hard drives would you recommend?

It depends on what you are looking to do with it. If you are looking for something portable, to go with a laptop, go with the FreeAgent Go.If you want something for a desktop, go with the FreeAgent... Read More »

How do i set up two hard drives on a computer?

Set your JumpersOne drive must be "master," or primary. The other must be "slave." Determine which will be which and set your jumpers according to the display on the hard drive label. Jumpers are t... Read More »

How to Recycle Old Computer Hard Drives?

Let’s say that you have an old hard drive that you want to get rid of but you want to make sure that any information that was on it can not be recovered. You can accomplish this and create someth... Read More »