What author served 20 years in the Coast Guard and then became a senior editor for Readers Digest?

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If you swallow gum, does it REALLY stay in your stomache for 7 years?

How do grasshoppers digest?

Grasshoppers are found on almost every continent. They have voracious appetites, and according to the website Grasshopper Facts, a typical grasshopper can eat more than 16 times its own body weight... Read More »

How Do I Know if I Can't Digest Milk?

If you notice slight to extreme discomfort after consuming products with lactose, you may fall somewhere along the spectrum of being lactose intolerant. Symptoms range from moderate stomachaches to... Read More »

Does chewing gum digest?

Chewing gum is not a digestible substance. However, eating it will cause little harm to the body. Sorbitol, a common sweetener in gum, acts as a laxative and can actually aid digestion.Source:"Why ... Read More »