If you squint alot will it harm or change eyes does it cause your eye muscles to change the shape of your eye?

Answer If you are squinting, it is because your eyes are straining to see clearly. It will not make your eyes worse, but the eyestrain will cause headaches and the constant squinting will cause wrinkles... Read More »

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Do you think she has nice eyes How can I change the shape of my eyes (pics)?

You need a black eye liner. The trick is to focus peoples attention to the outer area of your eyes. Notice how in both pictures, the area closer to the nose in both eyes is barly touched. Start out... Read More »

When you squint your eyes you can see better. Why?

It is all related to a phenomenon called depth of focus. The larger an aperature (optical opening of a lens) the shorter the depth of focus. The smaller an aperature, the larger the depth of focu... Read More »

Why do people squint their eyes?

"I do it to see better"thats why everyone else does it, too."but by making the area of sight smaller wouldn't that make you see worse?"no. its called the "pinhole effect". smaller aperture = bett... Read More »

Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?

When light travels through a lense that bends light it is bent the most at the edges. It is bent the least toward the middle. There is one tiny ray of light that is unchanged and travels straight. ... Read More »