If you spot one day and don't start a period can you be pregnant?

Answer Yes - take a test

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Can you be pregnant if you had a spot period that lasted 3 days and you have all the signs and you took 2 test 2 weeks before which came back negative?

NO. You're not pregnant especially if the test came back negative.yes you can still be pregnant the first answer is false-sometime you can be pregnancy and you can be carry low hcg which make it ha... Read More »

On what dates during the period cycle can you have safe intercourse without using condoms since you dont want her to get pregnant?

never. if you don't want a pregnancy, use birth control! (pill, condom, etc)

Are u pregnant if you had sex without a condom and your period came the next day which only lasted 2 days u started to spot pink and u have been feeling nauseated all day?

Answer You are playing a high risk game of becoming pregnant if your b/f doesn't wear a condom. Also a condom protects you against sexually transmitted diseases. You can get pregnant anytime so ... Read More »

Do you have to start your period before you can get pregnant?

If you are on the verge of puberty, you could be in the time of your first ovulation and get pregnant without ever having your period. Please get some more info before launching yourself into the u... Read More »