If you sneezed with your eyes open, would they pop out....?

Answer No. I just tried this and I still have both eyes.I am wearing glasses, though. Could this affect the experiment?

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If i hold my eyes open when i sneeze will my eyes pop out?

When people die with their eyes open do their eyes look up?

because they have no control over the eye muscles that you can move your eyes with

How to Keep Eyes Open Under Water?

Don't like wearing goggles when with friends? Left them at home? This article will give you the confidence to open your eyes underwater. You won't need these anymore!

Why can't we open our eyes when we sneeze?

all of your bodily functions stop when you sneeze (even your heart! that's the reason people started saying 'bless you' afterwards), your eyes wont pop out completely, but they would jump forward a... Read More »