If you sneezed on a computer,would it get a virus?

Answer No.But if your computer sneezes at you, watch out!

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(HELP) My brother sneezed at my PC, how could now i protect my PC from virus?

Ooooh it's too late!Smash you're computer quick!

I sneezed on my keyboard!?

Haven't sneezed in days!?

I don't think it is anything to be overly concerned about. You are focusing on it too much. I think if you stop worrying about it, it will all work out. It doesn't sound like an issue for an ENT.

OMG! An athiest sneezed on me. What do I do?

Silly Hippy, the atheist was greeting you. Lick the atheist on the cheek, then go virgin hunting with the atheist (it's an excellent way to cultivate your own babbys).