If you sell an old iPod nano how much money can you get?

Answer I'm not really sure. If its only a 2G, and older version, you shouldn't get anymore than $150 (prbly not even). It also depends on how old and how much you've used it. Mine died a couple days ago, ... Read More »

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How much should I sell my ipod nano?

i think some body would buy it for 20-30$

How much would and iPod nano sell for in 2012?

they went up higher when christmas came they sold mines for like250$ and they probly when up futher then 250 cause they are gold diggers specialy when it comes up ipods.

How much would you sell a used but in good condition 2 year old ipod nano?

How much money does an 8GB ipod nano cost?

Answer At Target they are only 149.99.(At WalMart they are $197.88.)