If you scan a piece of text onto your computer can you then go in and amend it?

Answer Nearly all personal scanners can scan as images only. As such you need a converter such as NUANCE's OMNIPAGE, Version 16 or so is the latest. It has been around for 15+ years, is considered top not... Read More »

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Can I scan old negatives onto my computer and then print pictures from them?

You may scan negatives onto your pc... you may buy scanners (flatbed) that comes with negative scanners but i dont know if they still produce those kind of scanners these days... If they have stock... Read More »

Is there a way to scan a printed page into the computer and then copy and paste the text?

The only way to recognize a text is to use an OCR program which will convert your image back to text. If you want to copy/paste a scanned text, that can be done and it can still be re-converted bac... Read More »

How do u scan something onto your computer?

How do scan photos onto your computer?

Put the photo in the scannergo into your photo's program, and click scan photoit will probably be in the files menu.Make sure you've lined up the picture, in the upper left hand corner, and there y... Read More »