If you scan a colour photo, can you make it black and white?

Answer Yeah, easily. You should be able to find a setting in your scanning program to scan in black and white, and if not then any image program will have an option to set to gray scale in the menus under... Read More »

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How to print a colour photo in black and white?

yes the best way to use the printer settings to print in black and white as it will not require much effort. You can directly print any photo from windows explorer by right clicking on it and then ... Read More »

What are the 'bands' running across my black and white old photo when I scan?

I would suggest that your scanner needs to be cleaned...

White also a colour and black also a colour but why the black and white TV is not called as Colour TV?

Great Thinking. We'll call it color tv from now on. Happy?

How to Make a Sepia Photo From Black & White?

The warm, brown hues of a sepia photograph give it a sense of timelessness. In the early days of the medium, photographers used a pigment from the cuttlefish (scientific name Sepia) to preserve the... Read More »