If you reply to someone on Craigslist, do they see your email address?

Answer If you have an ad and a buyer sends you an e-mail, replying once will NOT diminish your privacy. Replying twenty times will still maintain your privacy. The only way your e-mail address will be por... Read More »

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Who are these people on craigslist sending replies to my ads asking for my email address?

They are nothing but spammers who are phishing for email addresses so they can send you spam and scam emails and phishing scamsIf you have a Yahoo email address, within a week you'll get a fake ema... Read More »

Can someone just reply with a yes or no I am trying a new email orogram. thanks?

im a positive person so i will say yes. oh wait, sorry, i was only supposed to say the word yes or no. i choose yes! : )

Is there anything you can do if you suspect someone is signing your email address up for things?

Just mark it as spam and don't even open them. If you keep marking them as spam eventually all of that junk email will go into your spam folder and you never have to see it. It's a little troubleso... Read More »

Can someone find your address if they know your bt landline number, if so how?

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