If you receive full retirement benefits can you receive early retirement benefits?

Answer You can receive early Social Security Retirement benefits at age 62 but if you income exceeds a specific dollar amount per year ($12,960 in 2007), your Social Security benefits will be reduced by $... Read More »

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What is the retirement age for someone to receive full benefits?

If a worker was born in 1954 or earlier, they will need to reach age 66 before receiving full benefits under Social Security. As of March 2011, a person born in 1960 or later must reach 67 before b... Read More »

Can a convicted felon receive Social Security retirement benefits?

An otherwise eligible convicted felon may receive Social Security disability or retirement benefits when he or she is not incarcerated for more than 30 days and has no outstanding warrants. Social... Read More »

What is the maximum monthly amount someone can receive in Social Security retirement benefits?

Since Social Security retirement benefits are based on the amount of income you earned during your career, there are no maximum benefits that can be earned. If you retire early at age 62, you recei... Read More »

How Much Can I Earn at Full Retirement Age & Still Receive Social Security?

Full retirement age, as defined by the Social Security Administration, is the key to earning freedom. Your full retirement age depends on your birth year; as of 2010, it is age 66 to 67 for those b... Read More »