Would bubbles in your stomach when you are pregnant an gas bubbles feel the same way?

Answer Answer Normal gas bubbles are regionalized in your abdomen, you are usually aware that, "oh that was my stomach getting a little upset." If the bubbles are spread out in random places, and sometim... Read More »

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Where do bubbles go wen they pop?

When a bubble pops, it changes form from a solid to a liquid and falls on the ground. Because a bubble is a solid, but when something dry touches it (this can be something as small as a dust partic... Read More »

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Yeah, especially if you throw it at the screen!

Does AIM ruin your computer?

my dad is the same way he thinks if you download anything it will give you viruses. not true. well when ever you download anything there is a chance you will (but you probably wont) you will just g... Read More »