If you put a friend on your restricted list, is the effect retroactive?

Answer Yea they Can See the Previous updates but they wont be able to see the New Ones

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If you are restricted from a friend on facebook can they still view your profile?

I was actually thinking that if you restricted someone from your activities, they would be able to go to your profile, but your profile would be blank to them. :l

When you put someone on your Restricted list on Facebook, will they see your updates/edits in THEIR newsfeed?

If your parent wants to be on your facebook friend list, would you accept him/her?

No. As if my mom actually just wants to be my friend...pffft! She snoops around a lot and that would be the only reason why she would sign up in the first place - to see what I'm up to.I NEED MY P... Read More »

Can people on my restricted list on FB comment/post on my wall?

they can still post on your wall, just just cant see your posts or other people's posts on your wall