If you put a USB drive in every port of your computer, would it cause any damage?

Answer Not likely. If damage were possible, the ports would not be there. On a whim I tested this and plugged something into every USB port on my computer. I had a total of 5 USB SanDisk Cruzers plugged i... Read More »

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If you hit a Jack pot would it cause much damage?

by virtue of hitting the Jack pot you will probably damage the plant (newly bought ) from the illegal nurseries selling adult plants.i do hope it is not your Christmas tree if it is damaged suggest... Read More »

What would cause your computer programs to become disabled?

Can being on the computer cause eye damage?

No, it can strain the eyes if you don't take breaks. But it won't damage the eyes.If you are on the computer for an hour, take a 5 min break.It was the belief of many that it did cause damage but i... Read More »

Every time I charge my TV via a USB port on my computer, my blender goes NUTS! What am I doing wrong?

I dunno but work with it! Make a pina colada or somethin.