If you provide reliable sources to an article or talk section of an article on ...?

Answer You need reliable sources to back up your facts. Part of a movie or video may be a reliable source (yet a primary source), but should never be uploaded; it would violate the copyright of the movie ... Read More »

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What section of article 2 requires the POTUS to provide congress information on the state of union?

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How do I ensure my sources are credible and site my sources, on the wikipedia article I just created?

Yahoo! Answers and word of mouth are not very credible sources, if I do say so myself. You're going to need more traditional sources to back them up.Sorry.

How can you tell if a particular Wikipedia article is reliable?

Sometimes there are telltale signs of vandalism, but other than that, you really have to be an expert in the topic at hand. There's just no way you can know for sure when you look in the history th... Read More »

How can I add reliable resources on a wikipedia article?

There are many ways. Choose whichever makes the most sense to you.To make the task easier, look at other citations in the article's wikitext and copy and paste one of them, then adjust the new ent... Read More »