If you press F5 (refresh button) a lot of times on a YouTube video does it increase the views..?

Answer No.It tracks your IP per day.Meaning your computer only counts as 1 view per day - otherwise you're trying to commit view count fraud, and Offense Youtube IP bans for.IP ban = no more youtube for you.

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How to increase a Youtube video's views fast?

I used youtube bot mobile view.. got about 500-1000 view everyday

How can I increase the youtube views on my videos?

1)Make some controversial video like Leave Britney Alone by Chris Crocker2)The title of your video must be in CAPITAL LETTER3)If you're Asian, you'll get below 1,000 views

How can i increase the views subscribers and comments on my youtube videos?

1) Add more tags to your video.2) Post more often.3) reference your video from another video.

My computer won't turn off no matter how many times or how hard I press the power button.?

try going to start and clicking shut down computer