If you plug your iPod into another computer will all of your songs be deleted?

Answer it depends on what kind of ipod it is. I have the little clip-on mini and a bubble pops up on the computer asking me if i want to delete my songs and continue or if i want to take it back out of th... Read More »

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If all your songs got deleted off your computer,when you plug in you ipod, will it delete the songs on it too?

Actually it depends on your itunes settings. If you have set the option to automatically sync your ipod with your library, then yes, it would delete everything upon sync.However if you have it set ... Read More »

What cord do you use to plug into the computer that downloads your songs on your apple ipod?

Answer For most iPods, the cable used to connect an iPod to a computer (Mac or PC) is an iPod USB cable. On the iPod end, there is an iPod dock connector, and on the other end, there is a USB conne... Read More »

If your ipod already has songs from an itunes library from one computer how can you put those songs into an itunes library on another computer?

plug your ipod into the new computer (must have itunes installed) and open itunes. a box should pop up asking you if you want to transfer the songs from the ipod to the computer. click yes and ther... Read More »

How to Get Songs Onto Your iPod from Another Computer?

If you have multiple computers you may need to get songs from one to another.