If you planted the seeds of Quercus Robur what would grow?

Answer Trees

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Does grass spread after planted, or does it just grow in the spots that it was planted in?

Hey Roxanne,Grass can spread in several ways. The roots will get stronger and more blades will shoot up: Rhizomes on some varieties will grow underground and come up randomly, spreading the grass... Read More »

When should sweet pea seeds be planted?

In areas that enjoy mild climates, sweet peas seeds should be sown between the September through November. In cold climates, sweet pea seeds should be planted after snow and extreme cold is finishe... Read More »

When should tomato seeds be planted?

On One Hand: Plant at 50 Degrees FahrenheitTomato plants can generally be planted when a temperature consistently reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder than 50 degrees and tomatoes may not grow... Read More »

How long do pepper seeds have to dry before they are planted?

Pepper seeds need to dry until they are brittle and contain less than 8 percent moisture, which can take up to two weeks. If the seeds contain too much moisture when planted, they can lose nutrient... Read More »