If you plant the seeds from inside a tomato you buy from the supermarket, will it grow and bear fruit?

Answer They should grow, however they may not produce a tomato that looks like the one you bought. If the tomato you bought is a hybrid or genetically manipulated the plant resulting from the seed plante... Read More »

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Why is a tomato classed as a fruit if its because the seeds are on the inside what about a cucumber?

botanically, fruits are the ovary of a plant containg seeds, cucumber seeds do not often develop properly but the cucumber is still a fruitas for the strawberry, the 'seeds' are actually the fruits... Read More »

How long does it take for a tomato plant to grow big enough to give fruit?

If you can find plants called "Early Girl" you'll have your first tomatoes in about 90 days

Does the orange oxheart tomato plant bear less fruit than a pink oxheart?

On One Hand: Pink Oxheart TomatoesPink oxheart tomatoes are a very old type of heirloom tomato. Yields are average to good compared to other varieties. "Japanese" is a very good producer. "Hungaria... Read More »

Can I grow peppers with the seeds from a supermarket pepper?

Seeds are harvested from peppers when ripe, whether from the supermarket or from an existing vegetable garden. Most peppers are considered ripe when they turn red. Pepper seeds can be harvested via... Read More »