If you plant a sesame seed will anything grow?

Answer Sesame Seeds in a Pot I sowed a pie dish full of ordinary, grocery store-bought sesame seeds, added a bit of soil over them, watered the dish and kept it covered in a a warm, sunny place - and now ... Read More »

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How to Grow the Sunflower Seed Plant?

Sunflower seeds come from the center of sunflowers. This plant is popular for its attractive large yellow flowers and seeds that humans, birds and other animals enjoy eating. Sunflowers grow in a v... Read More »

How to Grow a Chilli Plant from a Seed?

Chillis are used in most foods for more of a spicy taste. Having it freshly off a plant will be more rich is flavour. All you need is time and chilli seeds.

How do I grow an avocado plant from a seed?

Remove the SeedRemove the seed from a ripe avocado by slicing the avocado lengthwise. Cut through the skin of the avocado but avoid slicing into the seed. Hold the bottom half of the fruit in one h... Read More »

How do I grow a lobelia plant from a seed?

Start the SeedsStart lobelia seeds 10 to 12 weeks before the last expected frost. Spread seeds on the surface of a commercial seed-starting medium. Do not cover them with soil. Thoroughly moisten... Read More »