If you own a car in Florida and your daughter drives and insures it in Pennsylvania is this legal?

Answer Answer If the insurance company knows where the car is garaged, and if it's insured there they must, there should be no problem. There may be some issues with the state DMV if she has moved perman... Read More »

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If your daughter is not a resident of your household but is named on your insurance how involved ar you if she drives her boyfriend's car?

%DETAILS% Answer I'm not sure I understand the question. If her boyfriend has insurance, then she is covered under his policy as long as she had permission to drive his car.As far as your liability... Read More »

Is there any legal way so that you have say over everything for your daughter?

Answer If the other parent gives up their parental rights.

Are stunguns legal in Pennsylvania?

The possession or use of stun guns is illegal in Pennsylvania. According to section 908 of the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act, the list of “prohibited offensive weapons” includes “any stu... Read More »

Is separation legal in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not recognize separation as a legal state of marriage, such as widowhood or divorce. But if you have an attorney draw up a settlement agreement regarding issues of property, suppo... Read More »