If you order 2 iPhones 3gs where do you get them from?

Answer Yes, go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendar then in the mail section there is a Signature option.

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Where can one find previous episodes of Let's Make a Deal online or order them from CBS?

Jim Broadbent. The same guy who played Professor Slughorn in the HP movies.

How can you get your photos to sync in the same order as the are in the folder you are syncing them from?

How do i convert the videos from my camcorder in order to be able to upload them on windows movie maker?

get some proffessional help, not going to be easy with an old camcorder!

Can a mother revoke the parental rights of a father if he was removed on a protection from abuse to them order and has had NO contact for 3 years without his consent?

AnswerYes, You can request anything, the sex, the race, the parental histories. This is a major decision. Seriously think of what it is you want, how realistic your request is and tell that to who ... Read More »