What are the responsibilities of an rotc member for the national guard... how many years would i have to serve after college and would i still be able to pursue a career in film?

Answer there are different benefits to all the different branches of ROTC but one thing in common is the 4 year college scholorship that comes with a monthly allowance for you to use as you please. if you... Read More »

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Will I always only be able to have a tiny bit of weed and still feel comfortable?

I would imagine that the more you smoke, the easier it'll become. I'm no expert though, everybody's different and I've never had any adverse effects from smoking or from bongs.

If you declare Bankruptcy Will you still be able to get Student loans for college?

If you filed for bankruptcy and are still are a student or thinking about going back to school you still can get government financial assistance. Not all is lost, because you are young and had to g... Read More »

I am going to Private college next year, will I be still able to get student loan?

If this school is recognized by the Dept of Education to receive federal funds then yes, you can get federal grants and loans if you qualify. But remember, a school this cost you will have to take... Read More »

If I buy a 3D BluRay movie, would I still be able to see it in 3D if the TV isn't a 3D brand?

No, you need both a 3D BluRay plyer and a 3D TV.