If you named a fruit or veg could I tell what country your from?

Answer Scallies. hehehehehe. easy

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Do you know how to tell what country your food comes from?

WOW! I never knew this information before. I do try to buy my veggies local at the farmers market and I save in the freezer what I can for the winter months ,but I could not believe what I am seein... Read More »

What does your feet have to do with your heart i had a stroke in o9 and they tell me it from my stroke could?

The feet have nothing to do with the heart. A stroke affects the brain.Assuming the pain is from the stroke, it's called "neuropathic" pain.Some of the common meds for "nerve pain" are gabapentin, ... Read More »

What country does squash fruit come from?

How to Tell Your Mother in Law That You're Moving Cross Country to Get Away From Her?

Sometimes, your mother-in-law is making life miserable for you and your spouse, and nothing is working. You need a last resort, and a move out of state may be your only option. If your spouse agree... Read More »