If you mom says you cant use msn how do you?

Answer remember the fifth commandment. Honor thy father and mother. Just make an account and use it at school or whnever your mom isnt home, because if youre not catholic then the above statement does not... Read More »

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Mom says i cant dye hair?

i think your old enough to dye your hair.

Printer says i cant print because no fax number provided?

Fax is set probably as default printer. You have to change that to your actual printer. If it's a multi-function printer, it should have a drop down selection when you click print. If not, you may ... Read More »

My antivirus says i have an unknown virus that it cant get rid of?

If you are given the option to quarantine the virus, that would be the best thing to do. That will prevent it from doing any damage to your computer and prevent you from spreading it to others via... Read More »

My wife has bowel cancer and doc says we cant get dla unless she is terminal she is now 5 stones and weak?

The advice of the other, more experienced posters on here sounds like the way to go. I'm so GLAD I wasn't diagnosed in the UK. I'd be dead by now.