If you make less than $10000 per year, do you have to file income tax returns?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Service, there are several instances that require individuals--even those who earn less than $10,000 annually--to file an income tax return. All individuals who ha... Read More »

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If someone offered you $10000, could you not watch TV for a year?

I never watch TV now, so I'd do it for $1.

How to Refile Prior Year Tax Returns?

While all taxpayers should strive to file their tax returns on time and accurately, there are times when additional income and deduction information is received after the tax return has already bee... Read More »

How many annual 1040 tax returns are filed each year?

It is estimated that 115 million tax returns were filed in 2009, with nearly 2/3rds of them being filed electronically (66 million) and 49 million filed through paper Read More »

Stock Market Returns Vs. Commodity Returns?

Investing successfully in the stock market and a commodity market requires similar qualifications: intensive study, a sensible plan of investment and sufficient capital to endure inevitable downswi... Read More »