If you lost an eye, what would you choose, a glass eye or an eyepatch?

Answer An eye patch. Glass eyes look wierd and you get to walk around pretending to be a pirate.

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My friend has lost her glass eye, what could she use until?

Will wearing an eyepatch help my eye?

patching is for children under 8. and its for amblyopia (real lazy eye) not for strabismus (turned eye) which is what i assume you're describing

What does an eyepatch given to you by the doctor look like?

There is not a whole lot of reason to pressure patch but some GPs and ER docs still do it quite a bit. An occluder patch looks like something a pirate would wear.

How to Make an Eyepatch?

Is Halloween coming up? Maybe you just want to play a trick on your friend? Well here's how!