If you lost 400 units of blood what would that mean?

Answer a unit of blood is 500 cc, you go into shock after losing 2 and you die after 3 or 4. YOU PROBABLY WOULD BE DEAD AFTER EIGHT SO I DONT KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN AFTER 400

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In a NJ condominium that you own two or more units would you become a member in bad standing if you paid assessments on one unit and did not pay on the other units?

Regardless of the number of units that you own, you owe assessments on every unit.Read your governing documents to understand your commitment to pay assessments. In addition, you can read the board... Read More »

What would happen to you if you lost 3 pints of blood?

You would most likely need a transfusion after losing three pints of blood.

To my last question that would mean he would have to prove that a spun rocks at his car correct?

He is looking for a place to either vent his anger or to give himself a reason to feel sorry for himself. Most (if not all) insurance companies just consider such customers a pain in the be sitter ... Read More »

What are the units for measuring blood pressure?

The technical term for blood pressure measurement is millimeters of mercury (mmHg). A person's reading will have two numbers (for example: 105/75). The first number refers to pressure exerted from ... Read More »