If you legally gave up a child how do you find out if they have been adopted?

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Can a ward of the state of Florida be emancipated from a legal guardian if they have never been legally adopted?

Yes, you can. Florida has an emancipation statute. The current guardian has to file the petition.

Does a biological child have rights when a parent dies if they have been adopted?

When a child is put up for adoption it means the biological parent has given up all legal rights to the child. In the same way the child has no legal claim on the biological parents. The person tha... Read More »

If you divorce the spouse is his child still legally YOUR step child although YOU never legally adopted the child?

No, if the spuse you divorced adopted the children or they are his/her own, he/she gets possession of them by law, unless he/she is unable to care for them.

Why the assumption that if a child were not adopted, they would have been raised in the Ghetto?

I am the daughter of a now-post-graduate educated professional woman and a now-post-graduate educated professional man. Each of my natural parents' parents was a post-graduate educated professiona... Read More »