If you hold two cuts together until they heal, will they merge?

Answer That will depend on how deep the cut is and how fast you tape them together and splint them. Obviously they could bind together, but you would not end up with webbing, just sticking and it would no... Read More »

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If you put two wounds together, wait until they heal, will the skin connect?

This is actually possible, and it is very similar to skin grafting. For the skin connection to work, the two wounds have to be very big, so a small cut wont work. The skin will connect, and your ha... Read More »

How long do teens hold it until they tell their parents they are pregnant?

hi im in the same position as u but i am probibly a lot younger i am 12 years old and 2 months pregnant i havent grown alot yet but showing a bit my mam and dad think im just gaining weight and i t... Read More »

How do I merge two invitation lists together They are in microsoft excel or access.?

Are you not sure which Microsoft Office application these two lists are within, or is one in MS-Excel and the other in MS-Access? And it would have been helpful to know which version of these appl... Read More »

If you and a guy skinny dip together in a pool is it possible for pre-ejaculations fluids to get a girl pregnant even if they are not having sex but they are on each other pretty much?

Answer As long as you guys did not have entercourse it is pretty imposible because sperm can not live out side the body, infact I think they die with in seconds once out side the human body