If you hold two cuts together until they heal, will they merge?

Answer That will depend on how deep the cut is and how fast you tape them together and splint them. Obviously they could bind together, but you would not end up with webbing, just sticking and it would no... Read More »

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How do heal many cuts on your lip?

You should get some lipbalm or cream,Water, drinking and soaking your lips cam also make it better.Hope I helped (:

Fastest way help cuts heal?

You're body will only heal at the pace it wants to. But the best thing I can think of for you would be to put some hydrogen peroxide on it and then let the cuts dry. Then get some neosporin(if I sp... Read More »

How to heal cuts on your wrist?

If they're fresh a bit of neosporin and water, bandage it up and once they'er scabbed over try something like bio oil. If they're from self harm take a look at this (the-struggle-makes-youu-stronge... Read More »

Do plasters heal your cuts?

Well... Plasters keep dirt and bad stuff out of it and to stop blood going everywhere. But cuts mostly need oxygen to heal. Plasters do give cuts scabs after a while. I normally put a plaster on fo... Read More »