If you hold in a fart,will it come out as a snelly burp?

Answer No, but farts are vengeful, and they will get you back for keeping them locked up.

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Can you be pregnant if all day your stomach feels so empty it hurts and has this feeling all the way into your throat like if you made yourself burp bile would come out feeling lazy loss appetite?

Answer Could be a number of things such as an ulcer or could be pregnancy. Best to check with your Dr or local health dept.

Is it best to hold back vomit or let it come up?

Throwing up isn't good regardless of whether you are holding it in, or chucking it up. The concern here is stomach acid. However, there is most likely a reason you NEED to throw up, so you might ... Read More »

How come my 1GB flashdrive can only hold 400MB?

you have probably got ripped off. but just in case you didnt you can try reformatting your flash drive, you can do that by inserting the flash drive into your computer open "my computer" then right... Read More »

How long does it take for the Department of Homeland security to come get an inmate that has a deployment hold on him?

evryone needs a passportim native and i use my status card because i have a criminal record and all native people have free rights to cross with a criminal record but i still need my passport to